Storage Tips


1   Forward Planning:  Generate a time line to organise… Click for more info

Removal Company or trailer hireage on a date.

The Landlord if you are renting.

Contact and notify all the important people of when you are going and where you are going. Such as Doctor, Solicitor, Accountant, Friends, Postshop, Power Company, Water, Gas, etc.

A garage sale, or charity giveaway, or the tip!

Collect strong uniform boxes. I recommend banana boxes. They are excellent, with handles and stack well.

Pack seldom used items early. Permanent marker!

Label everything! On the front of the box, not the top! *Contents? Which room? Fragile?

Number the boxes and keep a register of items.

Estimate and record replacement value of items.

Photographs can help with accurate insurance.

Think about how you will load the removal vehicle and how the goods will then be placed in your storage unit.

2   Organise the Unit:  It is worth putting thought into this. Click for more info

Whatever you have, create an isle to ensure access.

Big and heavy at the back. Heavy boxes on the bottom.

Needed items near the front, with space to sort stuff.

Do not over load boxes with heavy items.

Top up with lighter or soft stuff.

Fill cavity or hollow items to maximize your storage.

Dismantle where practical. Package and label parts.

3   Sure Tips:  Do’s and don’t’s Click for more info


Empty all water out of fridge and freezer and washer.

Tie tape doors closed but with a wedge to allow air in.

Wipe clean & dry appliances with bicarbonate of soda.

Use a deodoriser inside cabinets.

Use bubble wrap or non-printed paper to wrap fragiles.

Fill gaps to prevent items moving around.

Fill cartons to capacity to avoid bulge, tip and collapse.

Box and label everything you can. Loose items get lost.

Save and use all old sheets, blanket, towels, duvets.

Stand sofas and mattresses end on to save space.

Apply a coat of spray polish to all wood surfaces

Take extra care with electrical equipment.

Remove batteries from all appliances and toys.

Garden tools fit well into round barrels.

Talk to your insurance agent

Read the Terms & Conditions. Protect you and me!

Seal boxes with packing tape. Dust proof.

Store clothes in wardrobes/clothes boxes. Keep shape.

Pack books flat to avoid spine damage.

Store paintings, pictures, mirrors vertically.

Avoid protrusion of sharp items….. adjacent damage.

Consider using slats on the floor for long term storage.

Wrap mattresses, beds, lounges suites with cloth.

Use between stacked surfaces to minimise scratches

Stack chairs seat to seat.

Wipe all metal surfaces lightly with light machine oil.

Drain petrol and oil from all small engines.

Use bug powders, even though we ‘bug bomb’.

If you can, visit your unit about once a month.

Label everything clearly where you can read it!

Think creatively and you will make more space.


Bring anything even slightly damp into your unit.

Store vacuum cleaners with the bag of bugs in it!

Pack your boxes so they are too heavy to carry

Use printed newspaper as it can smudge stuff.

Don’t, ever, store anything Hazardous, Illegal, Illicit, Live, Stolen, Toxic, Flammable, Explosive, Perishable, Liquids or any other items that need a Controlled Environment.

Cover stuff with plastic as it can retain moisture.

Store food unless sealed in glass or metal containers

Retain in your unit any leaky or perishable item.

Store anything wobbly vertically. Lay it down.

Place anything heavy on top, risking damage.