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More and more people are finding it difficult to manage the space they own, rent or lease and are turning to Self Storage as a viable solution to the growing clutter and cramped spaces in personal use and business. Or simply an extension to allow expansion.

Whether you are looking to store just a few items to free up some space or need to place most of your possessions in a safe place short term or long term, this could be a cost-effective and flexible solution for you.

The key advantage of SELF STORAGE is basically you have control. You do not have to rely on removal companies or large storage organizations to store on your behalf and abide by their rules with limited access. This is ‘Do It Yourself’ storage.

This is an incredibly flexible storage alternative. You can store (within the Terms & Conditions) almost anything you want.
This means you can take parts out of storage and replace with other items with no extra charge or hassle. In other words it becomes your personal or business depot.

Another point of difference is that it is your responsibility to get your stuff to our facility, to pack your goods into the space provided (storage tips), and ultimately move it out.

It is possible that we can provide fee based packing and removal services. Or provide packaging and hireage of trailer or removal truck. We will do all we can to simplify the process and reduce the hassle and stress that often arises in relocation.

Why self storage? Self Storage helps people. For example: Click for more info

The need for more space. We collect things over the years. There are times in life we need to make room for something new. Maybe a growing family. A guest room, office or playroom. Or simply your business needs room to grow. Store merchandise.

Renovation Clear your items out of the way to allow for an easier work environment. To use Self Storage will save significant time and money. You will not be hassled by obstacles or safety.

Moving It is a process that takes months of preparation…. Energy, time and resources. While organizing possessions for your move it is likely there a many things you will be in-between about. Self storage offers a safe, temporary solution until you are ready. Or simply there is a gap between closing and settlement to possession of the new property.

Selling Preparation for sale. Home-staging. De-cluttering your house will best show of the size and space available. Plus get a head start on your move. Store what you do not need and let buyers view your property in its best light.

Bereavement A difficult time we all experience. Relieve additional pressure and use storage as a tool to give time for family to sort affairs and belongings. Particularly in awaiting probate.

Downsizing But want to keep some possessions for your children or grandchildren. Family heirlooms, treasured pieces of furniture, collections.

Travelling An ideal place to keep anything you may be concerned about in your absence. Stashed, safe and secure. Especially if you plan to rent temporarily or house swap or have a house sitter.

Trademe Online auctions are now part of our retail landscape. A storage unit is ideal to contain and utilize as a depot. After all we are STORAGE BASE WAIHI !

Warehouse In our era of computers, business can be run from home. Our large units are ideal for consumer stock economically.

Seasonal or Bulky Winter and summer. Put away sports gear, Skis, snowboards, mountain bikes. Surf boards, jet skis, windsurfers, camping gear, holiday decorations, deck chairs, party tables. Seasonal clothes. Be flexible and clear out your garage or basement. Pick up stuff as and when you need.

A commodity It’s one of those you have lived without until you get it. Then when you have it you wonder how you survived without it! Self Storage is infinitely useful.

Safety Our Storage Units are purpose built with strong security in mind. A virtually impenetrable natural boundary on 95% of the perimeter. The 5% frontage has a resident caretaker. Plus we have plans in place to install 24/7 surveillance cameras and computer controlled access gate as soon as possible.

Save Weigh up the pros and cons. Short term or long term, self storage makes sense. Your extra space released at your home or your business is worth more money than a storage unit. Only from $1.30 per cubic metre per week or $3 a square metre!! What is your extra room worth, at home or business??

Parking To avoid the long tow home or occupying space on your section, we have options for vehicles. Our 6m x 3m x 2.5m sheds will house most cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes etc. But we do have cheaper outdoor space to park and store. Storage Base Waihi is a large site.